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Bem-Estar Magazine – CESP Foundation

Redesign of editorial project for CESP Foundation corporate magazine; page layout, illustrations, infographics and advanced image editing for issues 06 to 10
2011-2012 | Megalodesign agency| Creative directors: Rodrigo Delligi and Samuel Oliveira | Editor-in-chief: Marcia Locachevic

Concert Posters - Ibirapuera Auditorium

Concert posters for Ibirapuera Auditorium, one of the most famous show houses in Brazil | 2012
Megalodesign agency | Art direction: Gabriel Gaba | Creative direction: Samuel Oliveira

'Sides of The Coin' Exhibition - Daycoval Bank

Exhibition for the release of the "Sides of The Coin" book, sponsored by the bank. The exhibition inclued a collection of ancient brazilian coins and bills | 2010
LEN agency | Design: Gabriel Gaba and Fabiana Reis
| Writing and curation: Otavio Nazareth | Architecture: Giovana Cruz

Canal Aberto Magazine - Air Liquide Brazil

Page layouts and illustrations for the brazilian version of Air Liquide's corporate magazine
2008-2011 | LEN agency

Sustainability Annual Report 2006 - Philips

Bilingual (portuguese-spanish) sustainability annual report for Philips Latin-America | 2007
Yemni agency | Design: Gabriel Gaba and Yole Lucas

Corporate Identity - Wagner Associate Attorneys

Redesign of corporate identity for brazilian based law firm

2010 | freelance


Logos (highlight projects)

A collection of logos I've designed recently or over the past few years,

both as a freelancer and inside agencies

Logo and concert poster - The Lost Icons

Identity design for 'The Lost Icons', a Dublin based rock band


'National Anthem' ad campaign - CSN (National Steel Company)

The goal for the campaign was to show the expansion of CSN's original business – steelworks – to mining, energy, concrete and many others, and the importance of it for Brazil's development. The catchphrases were all taken from Brazil's national anthem | 2011 | LEN agency | Art direction: Gabriel Gaba | Writing and concept: LEN team

Corporate Brochure - CSN (National Steel Company)

New design for CSN's corporate brochure | 2011 | LEN agency

Design: Gabriel Gaba | Writing: Luciano Melo

Global identity redesign - Bemfixa

Redesign of global identity for Bemfixa, a DIY home improvement brand (unused proposal)

2009 | LEN agency | Art direction: Gabriel Gaba and Cezar Bianchi

'Bclube Card' logo and website design - BSL Logistics

"Bclube" is a members-only website for special clients of BSL Logistics | 2009

LEN agency | Design: Gabriel Gaba | HMTL: client's IT department


Pro-bono posters and postcards - Project Mucky NGO

Promotional posters and postcards, designed free of charge, for brazilian NGO that rescues and treats monkeys victimized by illegal contraband
2006 | OcaBrasil agency | Design: Gabriel Gaba | Photos: Fabio Colombini

Concept designs for editorial projects

Unused proposals for several editorial projects and clients.


Hello, my name is Gabriel Gaba, I’m a graphic designer and art director from Brazil. I have been working in São Paulo at several agencies and design offices over the past seven years. Most of my experience consists of editorial projects, corporate identity and image editing, but I’m a pretty versatile designer and capable of handling many types of projects. I am currently holding a student visa, which allows me to work part-time during 6 months and full-time in the next 6 months. Therefore, I’m available now for a part-time position or as a freelancer. From January on, I can work full-time.


Personal Information

Full name: João Gabriel Picada Corrêa
Date of Birth: 07/11/1984
City/country of birth: Santa Maria / Brazil
Contacts: (087) 359 0882 | |


Work Experience

May 2011 / May 2012 | Graphic designer at Megalodesign | Editorial and corporate identity projects

Jun 2008 / Apr 2011 | Art director at LEN Communications & Branding | Corporate identity; branding; advertisement campaigns; corporate magazines; websites

May 2007 / May 2008 | Graphic designer at Yemni Studio | Corporate editorial projects; promotional MKT projects

Feb 2007 / Mar 2007 | Freelancer art assistant at the brazilian version of 'Outside' Magazine - Rocky Mountain Publications

Oct 2005 / Jan 2007 | Assistant-designer at OcaBrasil design | Editorial and corporate identity projects


May 2002 / Feb 2006 | Bachelor of Industrial Design – Qualification on Visual Programming at Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) - Brazil

Skills and Interests:


- Advanced Adobe Suite softwares (Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design)

- Large experience with image editing, manipulation, collages, enhancement
- Large experience with finalising files for printing
- Mac and PC platforms (Mac preferably)



Portuguese (native), English (fluent), Spanish (basic knowledge)



Organized, self-aware, team-spirited, goal-driven, communicative



Music, arts, traveling, reading. I run a parallel carrer as a singer and songwriter of rock n’ roll music




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